Learn About Us

Digi Sports is a family business in San Diego that provides aftermarket products/services for cars as well as badminton/tennis products and restring service.

We believe in the power of honest sales, building long-term relationships, and providing you with high quality products and reliable services at reasonable prices.

How it Began

Our business concept is unique:
a combination of our hobbies—playing badminton and working on cars. Digi Sports began in the garage of our own home as a way of making extra money while attending San Diego State University.

We enjoy playing badminton simply because it is fun. We have also enjoyed working on our own cars. For these reasons, we have created Digi Sports. "Digi" is short of digital, which are things that we may touch. For example, car audio, security, window tinting, etc. The "Sports" part is for our badminton and tennis business.

Having a passion for playing badminton, working on vehicles, and helping out others are the reasons that drove us to start our business. With the help of our family, friends and customers, we have been able to expand our business with endless possibilities.